Senior Executive Program

Learn how to chart the future of your organization and embrace disruptive innovation with a global executive program which could take you to London, Dubai, or San Francisco.

Length: 2 x 5 days
Course level: Senior
Module 1: 03 Dec - 07 Dec 2017 Dubai  
Module 2: 25 Feb - 01 Mar 2018 Dubai
Module 2: 29 Jan - 02 Feb 2018 (San Francisco)

2017/2018 program fee is US $19,800 (excluding accommodation). Book and pay by September 15th to receive the current fee.

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Who is this course for?

You have at least ten years of management experience, and determine the strategic direction of your organization. C-level executives, managing directors, divisional directors, and subject matter experts, in both the private and public sectors, typically thrive in this senior program.

What will I learn?

The Senior Executive Program is designed to enhance your resilience and adaptability as both a transformative strategic thinker and influential motivator within your organization. You’ll develop a deep self-awareness of your own leadership style and how to best leverage it persuasively, and gain an advanced understanding of transformational strategic innovation and the power of digital disruption and how to effectively manage and implement change. 

Our faculty’s research is rooted in our practical focus on the application of business, rather than theory.  Topics include:

  • Leadership in a disruptive world—creating agile responses aligned with the dynamics of your industry and organization and working constructively with ambiguity, unleashing the potential of millennials and the digital generation.
  • Mindfulness—Develop the deep personal insight, resolve, and confidence required to combine tenacity and persistence with openness, engagement, and personal connection.
  • Speaking truth to power—how senior leaders can ensure the truth bubbles up ¬to them, and understanding the inevitable blindness of leadership and working to minimize it.

You’ll learn from faculty with real-world experience. More than just academics, our professors are practitioners who have been consultants, directors, and vice presidents at leading global companies.

What will I learn?

On this program, you will learn how to grow your organization and lead change successfully. You will explore how to be a strategic thinker whose individual leadership style can produce innovative solutions and generate a genuine competitive difference.

Before you arrive, you’ll complete a psychometric evaluation and work 1:1 with an executive coach to understand your results and improve your interpersonal effectiveness. You’ll apply your learning in a realistic business simulation. This simulation will purposely push you out of your comfort zone so you’re challenged but also supported, which our research indicates is when learning best sticks.

Throughout the program, we’ll partner with you to identify and solve a problem facing your organization. We’ll help you apply theoretical frameworks to this problem and a coach will also help you to create a 100-day action plan to implement when back at work. You’ll complete a final project after the course, and earn a Certificate of Application as a result. Following the program, you'll enjoy a virtual 1:1 session, as well as have six months of access to our online learning portal.

The program takes place over two five-day modules, with a choice of campuses for each. Regardless of location, our modular approach allows you to trial your learning at the office before returning to track progress and refine.