The Leadership Experience: Leading on the Edge

An immersive experience where you will confront your leadership challenges of tomorrow.

Length: 3 days
Course level: Advanced
Date: 30 Oct - 01 Nov 2017, Dubai

Program fee

What is included in your open program fee?

2017/2018 program fee is US $5,600,  (excluding accommodation) virtual option is £3,600

Book and pay by September 15th to receive the current fee.

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Who is this course for? 

You’re a high-potential manager or specialist moving into a leadership role, possibly on a fast track toward greater leadership responsibility in the near future. You're looking to accelerate your leadership growth by several years, and are intrigued by the idea of a uniquely immersive simulation that will deliberately place you under carefully measured stress.

What will I learn?

It normally takes ten years of bitter experience in the field for a leader to acquire the knowledge contained in this program. Thanks to our extensive research findings, you have the opportunity to condense this learning into just a few days. You will learn key lessons on your own terms and practice your responses to situations in a safe environment. In the future, when it really matters, you will know what to do.

Your organization’s investment in its future leaders is vital to retaining talent with the strength and flexibility to cope with what lies ahead. This experience is the ultimate test run. It allows you to assess your readiness for leadership and how to prepare yourself for the challenges that are likely to arise. By experiencing some of the critical incidents that you’re likely to face as a leader, you’ll be equipped and supported to deal more effectively with them in future.

A few of the situations you’ll encounter include:

  • Stepping up to take responsibility and to lead
  • Making decisions within uncertain, ambiguous contexts
  • Delivering results through and with others
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Managing stress and recovery

Working virtually is becoming increasingly common in many organizations and there is a need for executives to effectively lead in these more digitized settings. That’s why we now offer Leading on the Edge as a virtual learning option that takes 16 hours to complete over a three-day period.

Why learn with us?

In these turbulent times, organizations need leaders who are prepared for the unexpected. By practicing now, you will be able to rely on your ‘muscle memory’ to deal effectively with these incidents when you encounter them in future. 

You’ll be placed in the center of a three-day experiential simulation where you will experience a range of challenging leadership dilemmas. You will receive in-depth developmental feedback from coaches, tutors, and fellow participants. 

This experience is the ultimate test run, allowing you to assess your readiness for leadership and prepare for likely challenges. It’s not for the faint of heart, but in the future, when it really matters, you’ll know what to do. 

You’ll meet with a coach before arriving, as well as after the course to support you as you take your leadership skills forward. After the course, a final project related to applying your learning at work will allow you to earn a Certificate of Application.You’ll also enjoy six months of access to our online virtual learning portal Virtual Ashridge. (redirect to VA UK)